Some common problems and solutions of Moneybookers!

Directly to the main discussion. We... the Freelancers and Bloggers about the beginning of the first of many, I’ve got to hear some talk, he deserves to be mentioned in the “Moneybookers Address PIN Verify Letter”. Moneybookers of the account holder’s address to their account sent a letter to the address verify to address pins. I’ve heard it so often to account for 1 month/2month transition even just trying to unload verifies account that the letter come up. Although it does not really matter to someone else as well. Some of the common issues that you address any mistake Moneybookers letter will not be amiss. For example:

1. If you enter the wrong address;
2. If you enter the wrong house and street number;
3. If you enter the wrong postal code;
4. District, Union Thana, it is wrong;
5. If not for the country’s improved international shipping;
6. Many far from the city’s location and
7. Account settings to `Send me my verification letter’ option is not enabled, request.
The matter is, I never had to run the uninstall does not work verify account. And now will not support you more the transaction. May have to lock your account with having. Again, such as: Removing verify 1,400 dollars transaction a than 30,000 dollars, you can transaction. However, some account may have to block out and verify state without having a lot of problems, often within. The problem we face team mate numerous times in my many freelancer. I just know I’d like to try them. Many people may not know it was there again because of the unknown.
Just a little e-mail Moneybookers help you build it they will if you sent to Support Center. Many people do not, so perhaps this is to walk to and fro. So I just grabbed my issue is:
1. Log in to your account and uninstall verify money bookers. If the above mentioned `Send me verification latter” request and if this option is not enabled in your step. You will simply enter the PIN code and if there is. They follow your own steps
2. My Account to Email Support > My profile > Post Address Verification > I have requested a verification latter but I haven’t receive it yet or I have a general question about post address verification e-mail to support for selecting any one area will receive a blank. There are two options mentioned above, as well as others, but you choose the Area box you will get the same blank. But your problems/ questions will not get the matches. However, now you have problems or questions as simple and correct your English writing. As it is I wrote them down. You can also use:

Dear MoneyBookers team!
I haven’t yet getting my Address PIN verification letter. Whereas your team said that they sent it to my address. Maybe it’s a problem of shipping condition. Is there having any other ways to getting me address verified? Please guide me asap.
In addition a request to you that I need to unlock my account for farther using. Do it also.
Hoping your best support as soon as can do.
(Your Moneybooers Name Here)

3. Now submit it.
4. Submit ticket message will be confirmed.
5. That they can not wait until the reply. Then they will say, as simply the way to get your problem Insallah.
Hope, you will get benefit.
It will be good, to stay healthy!
Thank you !! :-)

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  1. I'm having the same problem. So what happenedd to you after that? Did you got the money?

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