Paid traffic is any traffic that you have paid to obtain. There are multiple methods, but some of the most common are -

Pay Per Click advertising: This is where you pay each time someone clicks through to your site. Ads on google and many other ad networks use this. It's great for marketing because if the ad is on a site with low traffic, or does not appeal t the audience you get few click, therefore low cost.

Pay Per Display advertising: You pay per time the ad is show (impression). Can end up being cheaper if you have a really appealing advert, but it can also cost you a lot of money and generate few visits if the targeting or ad copy is poor. Some unscrupulous sites will also increase the impression numbers, either by straight up lying or using techniques that increase it artificially, such as splitting single articles into multiple pages, loading several ads at hte bottom of the page beneath the copy or even loading the add ina hidden section of the page.

Fixed payment: You pay for the space, which may be exclusive or in rotation with other ads, such as 1 in 5 ads shown on the page would be yours. On high traffic sites this can be effective, but again you can pay a lot of money for little traffic. Especially where you do not have exclusivity, proving the ad is showing can be hard. Can be useful on smaller sites that don't want to constantly change ads where you can book a longer space for a small amount.

Keyword hotlinking, site takeovers and interstitial ads: Work on one of the above models but display the ad in a different way.

Sponsored content: where you have content on another site and pay for it (one way or the other) and it links back.

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