How to win a project quickly from Freelancer before project period ended?

Hello viewers, This is my fourth post in this blog about Freelancer. Whenever I was started writing this series tutorials I was promised to writes the whole details step by step. And according to this promise I’m now going to write this post.

You all may know, getting work from any topics and specially in freelance job is so tough. And its very much difficulty whenever you are newcomer in freelance site. Lot of experience and working portfolio is being need to getting work though you have to competition with huge number of freelancers with their rich background. But, putting some techniques you can easily win a project from buyers without fighting anybody. Now you may think, how? Here Im going to share me…
Before starting this tutorials I want to show you some conditions that must need to follow:
a) Before place bid on your desire project, read it carefully all the lines. If you found some difficulties PM to buyer with your problem. Or, after reading whole carefully and ensure that you can complete this project in accurate time, so bid there.

b) Don’t make any spelling mistake when post your bid PM(Personal Message).
c) If your buyer asking you to submit your before work as experience and you are just a newbie, so then write a PM around 100-150 words gently to buyer that he understand you and appolize you for his/her project. Creative writing will be needed here.
d) Don’t bid so high rate and so low. Just put your gentle rate. If you don’t have any idea what is the ebst rate for your project then ask to experience. Always bear in mind, do not make the habit of low rate bidding. Because it makes your future profile valueless.
e) After getting 2/3 projects, make a portfolio list and put them whenever you bid a new project. Its make your profile standard.
f) Always stay connected with you buyer, and try to understand project requirement so fast. That will make you expart to your buyer.
g) Always up to date your freelancer profile, attach your expertise, skill, vision smartly. If need then ask to experience.
h) Maximum of freelance buyers a from different countries and languages. So, you need to talk with them via English. Whenever you seat with your buyer for chatting, try hardly to understand your buyers speech. If you will get any problem to understand buyers speech or any of words, open dictionary and find-out the meaning of word. So, you need a dictionary always keeping inside your hard disk. Got it?
i) Try to use all communication system like Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk(Gtalk), Skype. Because all of your buyers are not interested to use just yahoo or gtalk or skype. Someone have yahoo, someothers have skype or gtalk.
j) Finally, don’t want to do any corruption with buyers and as a buyer don’t do that. Because, if you will caught one time after making several, no one want to work with you farther. Do work with commitment and punctually. Its bears good result for your future freelance career.

Now come to the main topic of this tutorial:

Some days ago I was bid and project which was about a Facebook Fan generating project in a fan page. After reading whole project carefully I was bid there. And after bid there I can’t imagine that I just won that project within 3 hours, where there is more then 7 days left to end that project. Here is the whole details of me and my buyers PM text conversion images. Just see all these images and get the point of.
1. My first PM whenever I was wrote it inside PMB(Private Message Box) with my details and my some links of my previous fan pages. Don’t put any bulk links or you didn’t yet.

2. After seeing my first PM, he replied to me like below…

3. My first reply to his question instantly…
4. Buyer asking me that what is my desire time need to complete this project and what type of fans I was going to represent for his page.

5. He also added this below question with the above.

6. My reply…
7. He also asked me that can I provide other regions fan beside the current page.

8. My reply…
9. After talking all details he give me his Skype messenger ID to add.

10. I was also gave my Skype ID.
11. He asking me for the Facebook desire name of the admin of that fan page.
12. My reply with desire name. Now after some hour I was going to start work.
Look all these above images carefully. You buyer may also ask you same question or some others. Its doesn’t matter. This is just a followup that what type of question buyer can ask. With your current project your buyer also offers you to do several project work work for same project. But you have to do you current project first. Then yo should going for the next items. But if, you have an active team with members you may then take all or some extra project with same time. And hence, Don’t forget to ask and confirm the milestone payment. Now, you may ask me what is milestone? you don’t know. So, please read this article. Now, after confirming milestone you should be started work. Or else do not do. If you do without milestone, its your own risk.
Hope you getting help a penny amount. Happy freelancing. :)

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