How To Post Own Project In Freelancer As A Buyer

I am writing again on about Freelancer. In the past 6 parts I wrote on about freelancer from the beginning to guide the newcomers/beginners. Those who missed the previous parts can check them here. Now come on the today’s topic. 
You have worked for the last few days as a provider / worker. It means, after getting a work from other buyers you do it wither by own or by your team members. But if you wish to do this work by other freelancers then you may ask about what to do. Our toady’s tutorial is on this topic. So let’s start now... 
1. Log in to your Freelancer account. Then click on ‘POST PROJECT’ from the top menu of your Freelancer's homepage. 
2. A new page will be appeared during submission of a new project. For the guidance I am describing all the topics here. 
Project name: You can put a project name as you want. But one thing, you have to put the name according to the topics. Don’t put irrelevant or unmatched names here. Remember that, many things depend upon the project name. 
What work do you require: This also depends upon your project. However, the maximum is founded as customized projects. 
Add/Enter skills: It’s a very important option. Those skills you will add here, the bidders of these skills can only apply. If you have mismatched anything, then you may not get any bid. Maximums can’t apply in their chosen job due to this skill problem. But if you think that, you can do the project then you can change the qualifications from your profile before bidding on it. :)
Describe your project in detail: Here all information regarding the project will be described. The source of the work and the payment method and procedure will be described here.
Attach file: If you want to give the workers/providers the sample of your work or your demand, you can attach the file here.
Project type: has two types of project for all of freelancers. You can choose as you like. Here I choose Fixed price. :D
Project budget: According to your project, you have to determine the value of the work and put it here. :D
Bidding period: This option is important in posting about a project. You have to put the timetable of the project here. You can put minimum of one day to a maximum of sixty day
Promote your listing: This option is not used regularly. But remember that, this option is used to highlight the project. There are four ways of highlighting a project. Whatever, an additional dollar will be charged excluding the project fee. This option is used commonly by bigger companies. ;)
Check out all options again. Then click on ‘Post Project Now’.
3. After clicking on ‘Post Project Now’ this page will be redirected you to the below page and ask you to upgrade your membership whereas your current membership is Basic/Others. Do not do anything here unless you need to upgrade your membership now. Just wait some while your project will be published automatically if you do not make any violation of Freelancer rules.
Whenever you will hire a freelancer for your project you posted, this cause might be charged $3 by automatically from your account.
This is the easiest way to submit a project as a buyer. But remember one thing; don’t put projects without the need. If you failed to hire someone for your project in time you will face problem in our profile perhaps and also charged money (approximately $5) for it. You will get loose from both sides. So be careful during submitting of the project. If you don’t have any emergency, so why you need to be a buyer? :D
I hope you will get benefit from today’s post. If you face any problem, then put it as a comment. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who are interested in freelancing
Hope we will meet with the next posts.
Be well and take care! :)

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