How to convince your buyer to purchase your product by your desire rate?

I have written already 9 tutorials from first on freelancer. I have tried hard and soul to describe the topics easily to you. Today is the last part of this tutorial. I’ll describe some important matters today. If you follow these things, you will be able to be a successful freelancer.

So let’s start -

You should think yourself professional in any work. You will get the entertainment and utilize your brain accurately. In maximum cases, when you work for own, you will not be able to utilize our brain fully. The main problem here is thinking of the work personally. You should change the thinking and try to think every work as it’s your clients work. You will be able to get the destination of the work as you want. Now are you afraid or getting shy thinking yourself professional? If so, you will not be able to do anything. Change the thought and go forward. Start every work thinking of others and be professional.


Now come on the main topics -

Professionalism is the measurement tool of work. In this case, I like to measure myself with some factors and I am getting good progress. I am working with my Pakistani client from last 3 years. At first, we had problems regarding the rate of the work. Because of, the works differ from one another. He wanted to give me very poor rate. But after discussion we have reached a rate. But I didn’t have much benefit there. I didn’t demand high because of I had the ability to complete those work within 2 or 3 days.

I always compare my work with others. I justify the work either it’s done well or not. It means the ability of pleasing of your own work. I have talked before that, professionalism is the measurement tool of your own work. I have always tried to acquire it and yet now. After that I worked hard and every successful completion of work I asked buyers to increase the rate. Buyers also increase the rate without bargain. I am getting my desired payment now. Because of, working with me, they have realized my work value. I have worked for them. If they received their demanded work fulfill from me, then why they will not give me money. They don’t bargain with me and hopefully they will not do so in future.

Actually the measurement of the rate of work depends upon the quality of work. Some people may say that, “You need a little time to do this. So why you are demanding high?” Bargaining is an old tradition which has been going on from long time back. I am describing all this things with an example.

Suppose you think that, you are an electric technician. A person comes to you with a damaged torch and described you about the problem. You solved it within a couple of minutes after realizing the problem. You demanded 100 taka for the work. After that the buyer asked, “For this simple work, why you demand 100 taka? You are demanding so high”. He can say like this. But none know the real matter. Your desired duty is to describe the problem clearly to him like this, “Look, I know the work may be simple as you think. Bu for learning this, I have worked hard. I have to look for a technician for long time. I have to work under him for a long time even I have to do marketing for him. After that I have learnt all this things from him. So can I get a little bit more for this work?”

You should try to present your work as others. Then it can be hoped that, if the buyer is honest, he will pay the money without any comment. Actually the example is given to evaluate your work’s value.

1. Try to evaluate the value of your own work. But don’t bargain high amount. In primary stage, try to work consulting with your buyers. Because of, either you don’t have any review, you can’t get much either you want or not.

2. Before starting of every work, you should plan about future projects with your clients. With an increase of the experience, your work rate will also increase.

3. In primary stage, for any work and getting a good buyer you should work in low rate. But if anyone wants to give you high rate, that’s better. You should be concerned about the relationship between you and your buyer. Both of you should come in a desirable rate after discussion. If you have recurrently problem with a buyer, then you should avoid working with him. Because of, you can’t maintain a good relationship with this type of buyers. If none agree, no chance of work in future. So thinking of this, both of buyer and worker should discuss and agree with each other’s condition.


4. I am talking about future recurrently. May be some of you are getting bored. You may think about that, there are lots of buyers all over the world. So why I am telling about the future work? I am telling it because of, you are working the things you know. There are lots of people who are also familiar with your work even in some case more belter than you. If you declined the work for low rate, some others can acquire it in low rate. So you lose a project for this reason.

5. Now come on the matter regarding the ability of both buyers and workers. It’s true that none can earn anything without the ability. You have to spend something to gain something. But when you enter in the professional world, you have to think about the steps I have described earlier. As for example, a doctor came to your country after completing high degree in UK. He decorated his chamber with lots of money. If he don’t discount on his treatment, he must not get patients as he want. So you can manage the work in high rate, but further you will not go there, even you will inhibit your nearer to go there. Am I right?

So that’s the end all of mine Freelancer tutorial. Those who have missed the previous parts can check from here.

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How to convince your buyer to purchase your product by your desire rate?

Take care all. Bye.

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